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Registration and Formation of a Malta Limited Company

Why Incorporate a Company in Malta?
English is one of the two primary languages. Malta’s geographic position makes it the perfect logistics hub for trade links to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean. The Maltese Government is pro-business and in fact, is always proposing incentives for attracting FDI. Reasonable rental rate for industrial premises. The legislative framework is in line with the main EU directives which makes it sufficiently flexible and easy to relate to different legal systems especially those within the EU. Relatively low costs of living when compared to other parts of the EU.
Taxation of an Incorporated Company in Malta
Malta Corporate Tax
Malta operates a full imputation tax system which completely eliminates the economic double taxation of company profits. While the corporate tax rate stands at 35%, upon a distribution of dividends, the shareholders can get a refund of the Malta tax charged (generally 6/7ths).
On the International Taxation front, Malta announced in the budget 2023 that they would be opting to delay its implementation of the European Directive establishing a minimum global tax rate on companies that form part of multinational groups earning over €750 million or more every year. This means that Malta will not be introducing a top-up tax that would bring the effective tax rate up to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) mandated rate of 15%.
The reason for this is to allow Malta to take any actions necessitated by global developments. The current corporate taxation system, known as the full imputation system, whereby corporate profits are taxed at the rate of 35%, but which up to 30% can be reclaimed, is to remain in force.
IMEX Malta is specialized in company setup, tax advisory, tax consultancy in Malta with a variety of International Corporate, Advisory & Tax Solutions with a focus on international business.
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Our service team is composed of corporate lawyers, company managers, tax advisors and accountants (CSP and MIFSP) and is specialised in business solutions and financial services.

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